Outer Banks Charter Fishing Reports - Past


Jun 25, 2014

Tuesdays crew

Jun 24, 2014

Our crowd had a beautiful day in the ocean today. We caught some nice tuna a white marlin and a good catch of dolphin. I'm glad the weather held out this trip after the last attempt guys, thanks for a great day. Capt. Jason


Jun 23, 2014

Danny and crew

Jun 22, 2014

Our crew did a great job today jiging the spoon and hooking their own tuna.  We also landed a few fish on spinning tackle and regular old ballyhoo. Great job guys, thanks again.

Fridays crew

Jun 20, 2014
Tuna....mahi mahi.......yep great fishing all the way around, our crew had a great day today. Thanks guys!

Mike and crew

Jun 19, 2014
Plenty of tuna and dolphin today, fishing continues to be great. There were also a few marlin around too, one of our anglers landed a white this morning. Great going guys thanks again!


Jun 18, 2014

Gus and crew

Jun 17, 2014
Tuna tuna tuna......what a great day in the ocean we had with calm seas and a boat load of big tuna to bring in. Our anglers did a great job today landing some good size tuna between fifty and seventy pounds. Thanks again guys! Capt Jason


Jun 16, 2014
We had another great day full of action today. Our crew was catching dolphin hand over fist when a blue marlin came crashing through the spread with dolphin showering like minnows. After all the excitement the fish kept biting and we toped off the box. Thanks guys!

Father's Day

Jun 15, 2014
Our crew had another great catch of tuna this year again. Today our tuna were very nice fish with ten weighing five hundred and thirteen pound. Thanks again to our crew!


Jun 13, 2014
The fleet hat great tuna action again today, with all sizes in the mix. The average catch was from 400 to five hundred pounds of tuna per boat with a scattered dolphin or wahoo to boot. Thanks guys for a great day.

Thursdays party

Jun 12, 2014
Fishing was awsome today with everyone filling up their boxes with large tuna. Most boats had at least five hundred pounds of yellowfin or more. The fish cleaners are going to have a busy evening.Thanks for a great day guys capt. Jason

Wednesdays party

Jun 11, 2014

Mike queen

Jun 11, 2014


Jun 9, 2014
We had another action packed day in the ocean today aboard the dream girl. The day was spent chasing dolphin on the tide line in the morning and tuna fishing in the afternoon. Thanks again guys, capt jason