Outer Banks Charter Fishing Reports - Past


Aug 18, 2014
Today we had a good catch of dolphin a couple tuna and two sailfish. Thanks guys!

One day last week

Aug 18, 2014

Mike Moles

Jul 30, 2014
We had some good marlin action the last couple days with Mike and his crew. Today he went solo but had a great time on a pretty day catching marlin on the dream girl. Thanks again Mike always a pleasure.


Jul 24, 2014
We had another calm day in the ocean today.There were quite a few blue marlin landed today with two boats catching three. Sailfish and white marlin were biting too along with a scattered tuna. Thanks guys.


Jul 24, 2014

The marlin fishing is starting to pick up with quite a few whites and blues landed today. Our crew caught a couple today as well as yesterday. Thanks guys!


Jul 11, 2014

We had outstanding July fishing today, with our anglers landing a great catch of dolphin early and then going after some jumping tuna for a bit the box was full. With over 500 pounds in the box everyone was worn out and we called it a day. Thanks guys!


Jul 11, 2014
Today we had a father son and grandson,the father had been fishing on the dream girl with his dad when he was thirteen and today his son was doing the same.they did a great job today landing a limit of dolphin on tough conditions thanks guys.

Tuesdays group

Jul 11, 2014

We has a great catch of dolphin today and came in early. 

Nick and crew

Jul 7, 2014
We had another good day today with our crew landing a limit or dolphin and five keeper tuna. Thanks again guys, great going on your fishing today.


Jul 6, 2014
The hurricane is gone and the fish are still biting. We had a great day out there today with a limit of dolphin and five yellowfin our crew had plenty of meat to take home. Thanks guys! Capt. Jason


Jun 30, 2014

Today we had a limit of dolphin a nice fat tuna and we fought a blue marlin for two hours. The blue one was about four hundred and fifty pounds, great job guys thanks capt. Jason!


Jun 29, 2014

Our day started this morning with bailing rods dink baits and dolphin. After catching all the mahi we could find we were able to get into some good kite fishing action for tuna in the afternoon.  We had great action with many double and triple bites on our flying fish. Thanks guys!


Jun 28, 2014
Today we had a nice cool northeast breeze that made it a little choppy offshore. The grass was tough to fish but we scraped out a few dolphin in the morning. In the afternoon we got on a few tuna, thanks guys!

Trey and family

Jun 28, 2014
Our crew did a great job catching dolphin this morning. Later in the day we caught one out of two white marlin. Thanks guys!


Jun 27, 2014
Tuna...dolphin...wahoo, fishing was great with a good variety today. Thanks guys!