Outer Banks Charter Fishing Reports - Past


Sep 3, 2013

Our crew had an awsome day on the dream girl today landing thirteen white marlin. What a great day thanks guys. 


Sep 3, 2013

Richard Davis and crew

Friday and Sa

Sep 1, 2013


Aug 27, 2013

The fleet had great marlin fishing again today along with some dolphin tuna and wahoo.


Aug 27, 2013

The fleet had great marlin fishing again today along with some dolphin tuna and wahoo.

Mondays party

Aug 26, 2013

What a beautiful day in the ocean we had today. The white marlin are still snaping with boats catching as high as twenty and the dream girl landing sixteen. The action was non stop with with many more fish on throughout the day. Our crew did an excellent job today also.thanks guys we have wed thur and fri open feel free to give us a call if you are interested in some of this world class action. Thanks capt jason 2522558037


Aug 13, 2013

Our crew did a fantastic job today landing agood catch of tuna and a nice wahoo. There is also a good sign of marlin around too, yesterday we we're 8 four 12 on white ones. Meat and marlins take your pick lets go fishing. Thanks capt. Jason

Mondays report

Aug 12, 2013

Sorry about the lack of reports latley we have a little trouble with our website and 

Phones/cameras going overboard. The fish are still biting though and the weather has been great , there are some tuna being caught on th

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Aug 6, 2013

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Fridays big eyes

Jul 26, 2013

We had great big eye action today, landing a couple of two hundred pounders and losing a couple more. Our crew did a fantstic job fighting these nice fish, taking over an hour on one and almost an hour on another they really put a hurting on them. Our lady angler definatly took the cake though, congradulations guys pretty work on a couple of great fish. capt jason


Jul 25, 2013

Our young anglers did an excellent job today landing an impressive catch of mahi. There were also some catches of yellowfin and big eyes as well as a few marlin.

Wednesdays party the ocean

Jul 24, 2013

We had great fishing today with some nice tuna and good sized dolphin. We also had a beautiful day in the ocean  weather wise thanks guys for an awsome day. We also have saturdsy open diuue to a cancellation give us a call if you want to get in on some great fishing action. thanks capt jason 2522558037

Saturday and Mondaypppppppp

Jul 23, 2013


Over the weekend it was a little on the rough side but it got nice for Monday and it looks pretty for the rest of the week. There are still some good size tuna around as well as a few big eyes dolphin marlin and wahoo. It looks like light north east winds at the end of the week this should improve the marlin action. tight lines capt. jason.

Fridays crew

Jul 19, 2013

Our crew did an awsome job wacking a limit of dolphin today and nice ones at that 375# s of mahi great going guys.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Jul 17, 2013


The last two days we had some rather large fish hanging around the Dream Girl. Tuesday our crowd did an excellent job battling a giant big eye for over three hours only to lose it at the back of the boat. What a bummer , but at the same time congratulations on an epic battle not to mention some nice dolphin and a sail .           Today our crew was in the middle of catching dolphin  and all of the sudden a great white swam right up to the boat and circled us four times, what a sight to see. It has been an intresting few days aboard the Dream Girl to say the least , thanks guys capt jason.